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Year-end Accounts & Tax Return Service in Haywards Heath

The Financial Management Centre in Haywards Heath offers a comprehensive year-end accounts and tax return service. Many small businesses in the Haywards Heath area struggle with the burden associated with preparing and submitting their year-end accounts and tax return. Indeed this is a concern shared across the United Kingdom. Last year alone over 800,000 small business owners failed to return their tax return to HMRC before 31s January. The need for a reliable and professional year-end accounts and tax return service has never been greater, not least because of ever stricter criteria HMRC and Companies House demand from small business owners. Our services in this area mean you save time and energy to spend on your core business areas instead.

Year-end accounts for your Haywards Heath business

Fortunately those trading as a partnership or sole tradership are not required to file year-end accounts to Companies House each year. However those trading as a limited company must file year-end accounts within 9 months of the business’s year-end. This requirement is by virtue of the Companies Act 2006 and a failure to comply could lead to fines rising into four digits. You business may be struck off the Register for failure to submit year-end accounts to the Registrar of Companies. Fines double for failing to file your accounts consecutively over two years. The Financial Management Centre in Haywards Heath makes sure you do not forget to file your year-end before the required date. In fact we offer a range of company secretarial services.

Tax return service for Haywards Heath businesses

Regardless of the chosen business structure, all businesses in Haywards Heath are required by law to file a tax return detailing income, profit, interest and business expenses relating to the financial year. HMRC is the body who enforces the law, not Companies House as is the case with year-end accounts.

Those trading as a partnership or sole tradership must file a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATF) before 31st January each year. The tax return details revenue and profit for the prior tax year running from 6th April to 5th April. We advise our Haywards Heath customers to file their tax return well in advance of 31st January. This means our customers can plan how they will meet their tax liability which remains due on 31st January. Our customers’ cash flow benefit from this knowledge.

Businesses electing to trade as a limited company are required to file a Corporation Tax Self Assessment form (CTSA) on form CT600. This form must be filed with HMRC 12 months after the completion of your elected Accounting Period. The form must be filed nine months after the end of your Accounting Period thereafter.

Our tax return service is ideal for both sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. We make sure tax calculations are completed accurately and so all legitimate tax deductions are applied to your tax bill.

Who are tax return service is for

Our tax return service is ideal for the below list of businesses and individuals:

  • Sole traders
  • Limited companies
  • Directors
  • Landlords renting out property
  • Parents earning over £50,000 per annum and claiming child benefit
  • Pensioners earning over £100,000 per annum
  • Those paying PAYE and earning over £100,000 per annum

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Contact The Financial Management Centre in Haywards Heath today on 01444 300125. Click here to learn the location of your nearest office or complete the enquiry form. We offer competitive rates and advise which is highly structure and understandable.

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I can highly recommend Helen Preece of The Financial Management Centre. Before I found Helen, I had zero business and accounts knowledge! Helen assisted me to learn all about Quickbooks and how to file my VAT and many other aspects of book-keeping and our business accounts. She is extremely patient and can explain things in an easy manner and she didn't once make me feel embarrassed for my lack of knowledge during our sessions. I now ...

Sara - Preventafire Ltd

Helen has helped enormously with my in house bookkeeping for Independent Property Inspections both through advice and the practical application of a detailed spreadsheet designed to make reporting more accessible and tax returns a little simpler. Highly recommend to any business type but in particular start-up businesses who need guiding in the right direction.

Debbie Mann - Director, IPI Property Management Ltd & Manager for The Mumpreneurs Networking Club

I established my own business in 2006 and as the business expanded I decided to engage the assistance of Helen. I have not had to worry about the accounting since! I can thoroughly recommend Helen to anyone who requires guidance and assistance in any small business situation - from a start-up to and establishment business. Helen is knowledgeable, organised and highly efficient.

Ceris Burns - Managing Director, Ceris Burns International