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Bookkeeping Services in Farnborough & Farnham

Are you an owner of a business in Farnham, but you struggle to keep up with some of the aspect of the businesses? It is understandable, as many owners of small businesses are in the same boat as you. On average, about a quarter of owners of a small business in the United Kingdom work over 60 hours a week. Often, there is no time for tasks like the bookkeeping for many managers and owners, as keeping the day to day running takes up too much time.

Do you recognise yourself and your business in the mentioned scenario? We would recommend you speak to one of our team of Bookkeepers Farnham.

Bookkeepers Farnham - How we can help you: 

The cost of our service is minimal when compared to the benefits our clients derive from using our services. Why waste your own time and the time of your staff in order to balance your books each week when you can inexpensively outsource this task to our team of bookkeepers? In most cases, the service we provide costs less than outsourcing the same tasks to an accountant. Likewise, the service we are able to provide will also typically cost less than employing a bookkeeper on a part or full-time basis.

Bookkeeping for your Farnborough & Farnham based business can take high volumes of time and energy. Your decision to outsource your bookkeeping to our skilled team of professional bookkeepers could be the shrewdest decision you make this year for your business.

The reason being: our Bookkeepers Farnham have a vast amount of experience with bookkeeping and are able to sort your bookkeeping quickly. If you as a business owner with no experience would have done the bookkeeping, chances might be it would take you longer in order to complete the bookkeeping. 

The Financial Management Centre in Farnborough & Farnham is a financial management company who pride ourselves on the depth and range of services we can provide to Farnham’s diverse business community. A list of our services is as follows:

        Credit Control            Our TFMC Farnham Office Offers a full credit control service - for SME owners who are looking to free up time, and for PLC's alike.

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Accounts & Tax returns

The Financial Management Centre in Farnborough and Farnham provides a full year-end accounts and tax return service.
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Looking to outsource your payroll needs? Give us a call today to find out more about what we can offer you and your employees
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On top that, we also offer the following services as Bookkeepers Farnham

  • Debt chasing
  • VAT returns
  • Sales ledger management
  • Purchase ledger management
  • Sales invoice preparation
  • Supplier direct debit payments
  • Petty cash payment management
  • Depreciation journals
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Interest journals
  • Bank reconciliation

Furthermore, we are familiar with all leading bookkeeping systems, such as:

  • Sage
  • Kashflow
  • Xero
  • Clear Books

CALL TODAY ON 0127 640 9036

The bookkeeping service that The Financial Management Centre Farnborough & Farnham is able to offer our clients can help with improving efficiency and/or cost savings for your business both immediately and well into the future. Why not get in touch today with The Financial Management Centre Farnborough & Farnham to see how the team can take care of your bookkeeping needs. Call today on 0127 640 9036.  Alternatively, fill in the enquiry form.

Bookkeeper Farnham FAQ:

What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

A bookkeeper is a more data driven specialist. Bookkeepers often do data entry and creating databases. They will note all income and expenses. The accountant however, will be able to interpret that data based on trends. An accountant is often more analytical and can report the companies financial status based on the work of the bookkeeper.

Is outsourcing my bookkeeping going to lead to a loss of control over my own business?

Not at all. As bookkeepers, we only report data, just facts. How to interpret it and how to take action if needed – is absolutely your decision. We perform all and only the specific tasks you request. The final decision is with you as the owner of the business.

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We have been working with Kass for over 2 years now in relation to our company accounts, finances and payroll and benefited greatly from his broader financial advice on a very wide range of matters. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services, indeed Kass has become a true asset to our business as we have grown rapidly during the time he has worked with us. Not only does Kass offer sound financial advice he actively seeks ou...

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