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Year-end Accounts & Tax Return Service in Andover

Over the last decade many diligent Andover businesses have come to learn a secret when it comes to preparing their tax return and year-end accounts. This secret allows them more time to spend on profit-enhancing activities rather than on compliance.

In case you don’t know this secret we’re talking about The Financial Management Centre’s year-end accounts and tax return services.

The sad truth is many small business owners operating in Andover are no different to the rest of the United Kingdom in struggling to prepare and submit their tax return and/or year-end accounts by set deadlines. In 2015 over 800,000 small business owners failed to submit their tax return online by 31st January resulting in an unprecedented level of fines.

Instead gain utter piece of mind by opting for The Financial Management Centre’s year-end accounts and tax return service offered to Andover businesses.

Year-end accounts service in Andover

Andover businesses operating as a limited company are required to submit annual year-end accounts to Companies House in Cardiff. Companies are required to carry out this step under the Companies Act 2006. Year-end accounts must be filed within nine months of your elected accounting reference period. Companies House issues a late fee of £150 to all business filing accounts after this deadline.

The Financial Management Centre offers an affordable and reliable year-end accounts preparation service. Our advisors work closely with you and your staff in making sure your year-end accounts are prepare accurately and within set deadlines. If you are not receiving monthly or quarterly management accounts then year-end accounts offer the only indication the business’s health during the period in question. Many businesses in Andover rely on information contained within year-end accounts to base important business decisions upon for the remainder of the fiscal year. Make sure your year-end accounts are prepared accurately by choosing The Financial Management Centre in Andover.

Tax return service in Andover

The Financial Management Centre offers tax return services in the Andover area. This service is ideal for limited companies, partnerships, sole traders, private landlords and families earning between £50,000 and £60,000 and claiming child benefit.

Those required to file a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR) must do so by 31st January each year. This includes those trading under a partnership or as a sole trader. The SATR details revenue and profit/loss occurring during the prior fiscal year. The fiscal year runs each year from 6th April to 5th April.

Limited companies in Andover must file a Corporation Tax Self-Assessment (CTSA) using form CT600. Company directors must also return a SATR. Form CT600 must be filed within nine months after your accounting reference period concludes.

For both SATR and CTSA a failure to submit by the required due date results in a fine and interest charges on tax past-due.

The Financial Management Centre works closely with your business to make sure your tax return is completed correctly and well in advance of deadline day. Click here to learn the many advantages gained by submitting the return early. Our advisor identifies each deductible expense item. This may mean you pay less tax compared to completing your tax return yourself. Our service certainly means you do not deduct items you are not legally entitled to deduct from your tax bill. This avoids a HMRC tax investigation and potential fines and/or interest charges on overdue tax.

We also review your bookkeeping system when carrying out this service.

How to make an appointment

Contact The Financial Management Centre in Andover today on 01264 726033. Alternatively complete the enquiry form.

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I engaged Kass Verjee 3 years ago to move our company accounts from Sage to Xero. What a difference! The transition was seamless and the ease and flexibility of Xero has given us a much better understanding of where we are as a business. Additionally the service Kass offers and his enthusiasm for our business make me think he's part of it, I only wish I had met him years ago.

Jason Allocca - Top Topiary

Professional and Integral Accountancy Service It is important to me that I manage my company in the best way possible, with the best outsourced professional services, of whom I can rely on and feel part of my business team. Your advice of late has been invaluable to me. Your guidance on our accountancy and tax matters has been a great help and reassurance. As a small business owner, it is important to me that I have an accountant with knowle...

Debbie Field - Field Training Service

We have been using the services of Kass Verjee for a number of years. Our business is a barber shop franchise and our paths crossed as Kass was a client at one of our branches. Kass has been instrumental in the success of our business and has helped us not only in financial management but advised us on many other business matters as well. We have grown from a single site business four years ago to a chain of ten with Kass managing all aspect...

Colin Perkins - Commercial Director Hair for Men Group

We have been working with Kass for over 2 years now in relation to our company accounts, finances and payroll and benefited greatly from his broader financial advice on a very wide range of matters. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services, indeed Kass has become a true asset to our business as we have grown rapidly during the time he has worked with us. Not only does Kass offer sound financial advice he actively seeks out wa...

Jason Payne - Gabriels Angels

Having worked with businesses to advise and help using IT - a world i am very comfortable on, the world of accounting, is just one unknown black box to me. I moved across to Kass from an accounting company I used for a number of years, because it was safe. Kass has been a great help in setting up all that I need. One day I had a claim for solicitors telling me that I had to pay an EE phone bill of over 3k. Thing is, I've never used EE so str...

Kay Patel of Fenvale Ltd